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The Baggage Load System That's Changing the Aviation Industry​

In the ever-evolving landscape of airports and airlines, ensuring efficient operations while minimizing ergonomic injuries has become a pressing challenge.. There is a widespread lack of manual labor due to the COVID-19 layoffs and there is a need to ramp up the staff. However, many former employees have already moved on to new opportunities, compounding the issue. The industry has long been associated with poor working conditions, leading to significant ergonomic hurdles. Additionally, an aging workforce poses risks of decreased output per employee as well as an increased risk of injuries. It’s evident that a new approach is necessary.

A short-term solution for automation is needed that can boost baggage operator productivity, reduce heavy lifting, and seamlessly scale operations as traveller numbers rise.

Eliminate unsustainable working conditions

By using the Cobot Lift baggage handling solution to automate baggage handling, manual lifting is eliminated, and ergonomic injuries are avoided. Embrace robot operators instead of traditional baggage operators to enhance the industry's reputation.

Integrate within existing infrastructure

Cobot Lift take up very little space – like a human being allowing it to be integrated within existing baggage halls. Hence, integration is much faster and more cost effective since no investments need to be made to rebuild the existing infrastructure. With Cobot Lift, you have the flexibility to scale your automated baggage handling capabilities gradually. By effortlessly incorporating one Cobot Lift Baggage load solution at a time, you can elevate operational efficiency without incurring substantial costs or disrupting your existing infrastructure.

Lower employee costs

Manual labor is very expensive. Automating the baggage handling process will increase the efficiency of existing baggage operators and increase the control over baggage handling processes.

Ready to Revolutionize Your Airport’s Baggage Handling System?
Unleash Your Airport's Potential with Cobot Lift's Automated Baggage Handling System

Let’s talk and discuss the advantages of an automated collaborative robot system versus baggage handling traditional automation.​

We can solve traditional BHS challenges

Cobot Lift has created a complete automatic baggage-loading system to solve challenges involving Airports, Ground handling companies, and Airlines

The main core of our solution focus on;

  • Improving working conditions
  • Increase operators’ productivity
  • Save costs, lower OPEX
  • Maximize control within baggage flow while enabling new technologies

Flexible baggage handling

Seamlessly integrating automation within your current baggage halls streamlines the adoption process, making it easier to understand and embrace the technology. Leveraging the existing setup, which includes multiple sorting positions, brings forth the benefits of flexible manufacturing systems. Today’s baggage halls are designed with built-in flexibility to accommodate both anticipated and unforeseen changes.

By adding Cobot Lift Baggage Load solutions to your existing setup, you can automate the lifting process. This system is designed to facilitate human/robot collaboration, with a robot operator overseeing multiple robots and intervening when necessary. Experience the efficiency of collaborative automation as you transform your baggage handling operations with ease.

Additional benefits ​

Increase baggage operator productivity by 300%.

We will be happy to speak with you, learn about current processes, and discuss a system bringing higher ROI

Let the Cobot do the heavy lifting

Baggage operators manually handle 1.36 bags per minute and 5-20 tons in a working shift. 

Hidden high costs on baggage operators’ salaries, e.g., sick, leave, pension, and staff equipment costs among others. 

Personal costs have a direct impact on ROI calculations, instead, Cobot Lift reduces with an efficient automated system that has been used by different airports

For case story details and ROI calculation, request it today;

Innovative Gripping Technology

Handle multiple baggage made from different materials

Our patented dynamic vacuum gripping technology enables our system to handle Soft cases, Hard cases, backpacks, Duffel bags, among others.

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