About Us

Passion for automation

That’s what gets us moving.

Founded in Slagelse, Denmark, in 2018, by Henrik Elm Gulløv and Flemming Bischoff Truelsen, Cobot Lift is dedicated to make the world a better place with collaborative robotics.

Our DNA is embedded with continuous innovation and a big passion for automation.

Pushing boundaries
with social responsibility

The key to a better future

We are continuously pushing boundaries of what’s possible in the robotics world through the promotion of passion, responsibiliy, innovation and integrity.

Through our corporate social responsibility policy, we are successfully integrating quality, safety and sustainability into every aspect of our business performance in order to engineer a better future for a global society and planet.

Our CEO Henrik Elm Gullov leads Cobot Lift through an explosive and dynamic growth and drives adaptation of easy to use, safe and cost efficient collaborative robots across the global market.

Innovative technology
for different environments

Ground breaking technology lifting up to 45 kg.

Our product portfolio includes mobile and stationary cobot lifts, both successfully used in different production environments within food and agriculture, logistics and warehouses, automotive, airport and aviation, material handling and other industries.

Fully equipped with innovative technology and easy-to-use features, Cobot Lift’s robotics cell solutions are designed to facilitate automation of any production plant and currently are breaking a new ground in the era of advanced manufacturing by enabling Cobot lifting up to 45 kg.

A global company from birth

Worldwide presence and great partnerships

Cobot Lift is continuously looking to support other Collaborative Robot brands. We have established an extensive network of distributors in over 20 countries. With a global presence across European, Asian and American regions, we’ve been nominated as the Top 10 Robotics Solution Providers in 2020 by CIO Applications Europe.

Cobot Lift is an honored member of the biggest European robot cluster and start-up hub Odense Robotics and a certified UR+ partner of a global collaborative robots market leader Universal Robots.