Cobot Lift


CL+ is the premier product platform to help you automate your applications more easily than ever before. Products are tested and approved to work with Cobot Lift to provide you with fast deployment, simple programming and reliable operation. CL+ has a right all-in-one solution for you!!!

UR10 E/CB-3

  • Easy programming
  • Fast set-up
  • Flexible deployment
  • Collaborative and safe
  • Plug and Play
  • Extension with UR+ platform enables further plug & play automation.

Rocketfarm pally

Complex palletizing made easy!
Pally is a URcap designed to be flexible, smooth and a quick-to-install solution. Fully automation of palletizing and with great flexibility to handle changes in production. In just one day, your palletizing project is up and running.
The included intuitive pallet generator allows you to easily create the desired pallet layout – as many as you like, whenever you like. With Pally you have full control over the project and installation time of your standard or customized palletizing project.



Have your robots work and switch automatically and autonomously between multiple tasks and tools in the same work process, and thereby increase flexibility and productivity in your business.

SMARTSHIFT universal tool changer system provides a quickly and easy deployment and redeployment of tools in various production processes e.g. assembling, welding, sorting, and packaging.

To handle several different parts and processes in the same application are simple when using the revolutionary SMARTSHIFT tool changer clutch. A truly collaborative system for all applications no matter which robots or tools you use. 

SMARTSHIFT ensures compatibility on almost all lightweight and collaborative robots and tools.

The products feature a unique design and functionality that combines strength, speed, and precision to achieve higher robot application performance.

SMARTSHIFT tool changer system is modular and upgradable from manual to automatic clutches, enabling mechanical, pneumatic, and electrical connection.  UR CAP is available which ease the integration and programming of the tool changer. All products are produced, inspected, and tested at own factory in Norway.