The New Rotating Head

New Product With Flexible Solutions!

We would like to present our new amazing solution – The Rotating Head
With the new Rotating head, it now allows us to rotate items or products 360 degrees for optimal placement of the product. This is very useful if it’s necessary when palletizing items that the label must face out the entire pallet.

The rotating head can be mounted with a quick connector which makes it possible for customers easily to integrate the solution to their existing Cobot Lift. With the quick connecter you can easily change the rotating head with any other head in a matter of seconds.

At the same time, the rotating head allows us to make maximum use of the range, which means that we get additional 150mm range (currently range is 1300mm by default) and we can often save cycle time on the palletizing task or routine as the extra joint of the rotation allows us to make the robot’s movements simpler.

The Rotating Head opens up for new possibilities such as:

  • Rotating items 360 degrees
  • Same strength (product handling up til 45kg)
  • Additional 150mm reach
  • Optimize cycle time
  • Can be mounted with Quick Connectors

Check out our product guide and the video down below to see the Rotating Head in action!

For more information, please contact our CEO


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