Cobot Lift

Stationary Cobot lift

Stationary Cobot Lift is like a exoskeleton for cobots mounted on the floor. It boosts cobot’s payload up to          70 kg. Ideal for an easy collaborative palletizing or pick and place.

Functions and Benefits​

Stationary Cobot Lift enables UR10 to lift up to 70 kg collaboratively. It is easy to set up and use. It comes with a complete package – Cobot Lift tool including URCap software, steel crane, vacuum tube and pump. Steel crane can be fixed on the floor and has a very small footprint. Often no fence is required for this collaborative solution and labor force can work alongside with Cobot Lift. This solution is delivered with an arm for UR10 to be mounted on a steel crane and can be configured for a double palletizing.

End of an arm tool does not have to be vacuum based, it can also be mechanic, electric, magnetic – anything you
require to pick up the product.