Encon Systems – Automation & Robotics

Did someone say, “New official distributor”??- That’s right!!

It is with great pleasure that we now can welcome Encon Systems as our new official distributor in India!

New Official Distributor: Neobotik In Spain

We are so glad that we now can welcome Neobotik Soluciones Industriales S.L as our new official distributor in Huelva, Andalusia!

Neobotik is CSI (Certified Systems Integrator) by Universal Robots A/S in Spain. The company were born in 2017 with the clear goal of changing companies’ production processes through the use of collaboration robots from Universal Robots.

New Distributor: Reliance Automation in Ireland

We are more than happy to introduce you to our new official distributor Reliance Automation in Ireland!!!

Reliance Automation specializes in the distribution of automation solutions including collaborative and industrial robots.

The New Rotating Head

We would like to present our new amazing solution – The Rotating Head
With the new Rotating head, it now allows us to rotate items or products 360 degrees for optimal placement of the product. This is very useful if it’s necessary when palletizing items that the label must face out the entire pallet.


AutomatykaOnline.pl has written an article about various alternatives within production lines. The article explains about 3 different production lines AGV Robots and wagons, 3D Technology and security systems and effective palletizing. Our Cobot Lifts capabilities and functionalities is also explained and how the industrial development constantly is changing with technology.