Cobot Lift

We are more than happy to introduce you our official global distributor TAWI - a brand by Piab Group

We have entered into a global partnership agreement with TAWI, which will enable customers to purchase patented Cobot Lift products through company’s local dealers all over the world.

Being the part of Piab Group, TAWI is characterized as a global market leader in the lifting, gripping and mobile lifting equipment for the automated industry.

“We are very proud to have entered into agreement with the strongest global player in the vacuum lifting industry. It’s simple to convert an existing manual handling setup with a vacuum tube lift to an automated handling solution with Cobot Lift. We look forward to help many customers with reconfiguring their existing solutions. There are many synergies in this global partnership, for example TAWI has 100’s of end effectors for vacuum lifting, which will enable us to quicker help our customers to find a gripper they need” says Henrik Elm Gulløv, CEO and Co-Founder of Cobot Lift.

As the first step focus is on the UK and Danish markets.

For more information about TAWI, please visit their website