New Cobot Lift distributor

May 18 th 2020 - LinkedIn


Good news for automation customers in Sweden. We now have distributors in 19 countries around the world and are very happy to announce that Cobots is our new distributor in Sweden!




Technicon - distributor in Denmark

May 13 th 2020 - LinkedIn


We are proud to share that TECHNICON is now a Cobot Lift distributor in Denmark.



Innofounder experienced

April 7 th 2020 - LinkedIn


“We are very proud to have been successful and happy for the 1-year funding. We look forward to continuing our work with realizing the full potential of the Cobot Lift technology enabling quick and simple automation of up to 30kg tasks with Cobots.”


UR-robot lifts up to 30 kg (Danish)

February 28 th 2020 - LinkedIn


On the Dana Lim factory in Køge, Denmark, a UR-robot arm is lifting twice as much as it really should thanks to the Cobot Lift.

New Cobot Lift distributor

February 27th 2020 - LinkedIn


We are very proud to announce that SIA is our distributor in Belarus and a demo Cobot Lift is on its way to be displayed to customers and manufacturers!

COVR project in collaboration with the Danish Technological Institute (Danish)

January 21st 2020 - LinkedIn

A good and educational course with the Danish Technological Institute

Anders Bo Rasmussen has joined Cobot Lifts advisory board

January 21st 2020 - LinkedIn

We are very proud to announce that Anders Bo Rasmussen has joined our advisory board. In his previous role as Universal Robots+ commercial lead, Anders successfully introduced 200 products on the UR+ platform. His network and experience in both product development and bringing new products to the global market will be great assets on our journey.

New distributor

January 17th 2020 - LinkedIn

We are proud to welcome Müller Maschinentechnic GmBH to the Cobot Lift distributor network. It has been very important for us to sign up a strong partner in the German market. This ensures stability and continued high-quality customer experiences. We look forward to collaborating and helping German customers address their labour needs. 

Niels Appel has joined Cobot Lifts advisory board

January 15th 2020 - LinkedIn

We are very happy to announce that Niels Appel (former CCO OnRobot) has joined our advisory board. With Cobot Lift distributors in 16 countries and continued exponential growth, it is all about making the right choices. Niels brings a wealth of knowledge about start- & scale-up which will help ensure we get to the next level and beyond.


Part of COVR

September 24th 2019 - LinkedIn

We’re excited to be a part of COVR that aims to increase safety for all robots sharing space with humans. COVRs second call is open, where you can apply for a COVR award of up to 60.000€. We recommend everyone with a cobot related technology to apply for a COVR Award today!


Triple Lifting Ability

April 24th 2020 - Robotik und produktion

No task is too heavy for the collaborative robot arms of Universal Robots, thanks to a newly developed UR+ certified tool. At Dana Lim´s factory in Køge Denmark, a robotic arms lift up to 30kg - three times more than before . This is made possible by connecting a vacuum lifter to the robotic arm.

The UR-robot is now able to lift 25 kg (Danish)

February 15th 2019 - Jern&Maskinindustrien

Cobot Lift in Slagelse, Denmark, have developed a solution where traditional lifting gear is equipped with a UR-robot arm and thereby has a lifting capacity of 25kg.

Cobot Lift is lifting sacks at Dana Lim (Danish)

February 15th 2019 – Jern & Metalindustrien

Dana Lim in Køge, Denmark, chose a Cobot Lift to place on a filling line for filler – the size of the lifting solution with the UR-robot was crucial for their choice.

Robot from a company in Slagelse arouses international interest (Danish)

February 12th 2019 - Ugenyt

Owner of Cobot Lift, Flemming Bischoff Truelsen, is behind a unique invention which increases the lifting capacity of a free standing robot from 10 to 25kg. The cobot has aroused great interest from both one of the world’s leading robot companies, Universal Robots in Odense, Denmark, but also from customers and potential business partners across the world.

Flemming develops robots with muscles (Danish)

May 18th 2018 - Sjællandske Medier

Flemming Bischoff Truelsen owns both of the companies - Automation og Teknik & Cobot Lift. Here there is one of the robots that he programs for the company Automation og Teknik. It is a Universal Robots integrator and he solely uses the Danish robot company from Odense for the solutions at Automation og Teknik.

Vacuum lifter gives cobot the power of Hercules (Danish)

May 4th 2018 - Ingeniøren

The company Cobot Lift combines a vacuum lifter and a robot arm in one solution, that increases a cobots lifting capacity by factor 2.5. The more muscular robot can hereby set in where normal UR-robots have to give up.

Stronger lifting robot (Danish)

April 2018 - DigitaliseringsBoost

Cobot Lift is a new and stronger lifting-robot than the previous seen on the market.

Here they give the cobot more muscles (Danish)

April 20th 2018 - Jern-Maskinindustrien

At Cobot Lift in Slagelse, Denmark, they have a mission:
The collaborative robots must be stronger and be able to lift more than the usual kilograms.