Cobot Lift has written an article about various alternatives within production lines. The article explains about 3 different production lines AGV Robots and wagons, 3D Technology and security systems and effective palletizing. Our Cobot Lifts capabilities and functionalities is also explained and how the industrial development constantly is changing with technology.

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Director, Production Technique & Quality: Christian Bork “Thanks For A Great Product That Runs Smoothly”

Innovation, product development and manufacturing are closely linked at Danfoss. New solutions and product optimization require a flexible production set-up that enables faster conversion and stable production. With frequent handling of heavier items, flexible automation with increased lifting power and longer range can be a crucial parameter that literally facilitates work in everyday life.

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We are more than happy to introduce you our new official distributor Norsk Cobot Senter in Norway

Norsk Cobot Senter is a Norwegian company, which is specialized in the distribution of collaborative robots. With multiple offices in Rogaland, Romsdal, Vestfold and More, today Norsk Cobot Senter brings together technology, knowledge and expertise to offer simple and safe automation for everyone. Currently, Norsk Cobot Senter is an official distributor of a global market leader Universal Robots and other world-class robotics companies like OnRobot, Youring, SMARTSHIFT Robotics and FlexiBowl.

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