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New Official Distributor: Neobotik In Spain

We are intrigued to introduce you our new official distributor Neobotik in Spain

We are so glad that we now can welcome Neobotik Soluciones Industriales S.L as our new official distributor in Huelva, Andalusia!

Neobotik is CSI (Certified Systems Integrator) by Universal Robots A/S in Spain. The company were born in 2017 with the clear goal of changing companies’ production processes through the use of collaboration robots from Universal Robots.

From the beginning, they had a clear need to automate the end of the line of collaborative robotic solutions that meet the following requirements:

– Flexibility, the client has the ability to move the equipment within its facilities.
– Ease of use and configuration.
– Manufacturing quality with top brand components.
– Economical and profitable equipment for the end
For more information about Neobotik, please visit company’s website.


Cobot Lift Boosting The Sales International

How do you sell your collaborative robot with vacuum lift solution in a global pandemic stationed in Slagelse? It is done online as so much else. An investment in a professional setup for web presentation of the robot and the tools, a local invention which has boosted the sales international. Just in 3 months Cobot Lifts revenue has exceeded last year’s total sales revenue and there is potential for even more.

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