What are you lifting?


The vacuum end effector that is used to handle sacks can also be used for lifting luggage and bag handling. Our most used vacuum gripper for luggage is the squared version. This can grip the product from several angles.

Our innovative patented gripping technology allows for the effective lifting of different types of luggage. A combination of 3D printed materials and steel give the required strength and flexibility for a good all-round vacuum tool. The gripper can be supplied with quick connectors for a quick changeover between applications and the orange foam lip also comes in different hardness to fit the individual product.

Lifts up to 45 kg of luggage such as:

  • Bags
  • Hard suitcases
  • Soft suitcases

Can be attached to:

  • Mobile Cobot Lift
  • Stationary Cobot Lift

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What are you lifting?

We offer two solutions for any kind of products you are lifting. Stationary Cobot Lift is like an exoskeleton for Cobots mounted on the floor. It boosts cobots’ payload from 10 to 45 kg and is ideal for a collaborative palletizing or pick & place tasks.
Mobile Cobot Lift integrates robot, controller, teach pendant, vacuum tube and pump and also crane in a single unit for maximum flexibility and mobility.

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