Cobot Lift

Investment in unique robotics technology to improve the working environment in industrial plants and airports.

The investment company Impagt Invest Sjælland is investing DKK 4.57 million in Cobot Lift Holding ApS. The Slagelse-based company manufactures robotic and handling systems that make lifting heavy sacks, boxes, and baggage, among other things, both more efficient and safer.

The investment from Impagt Invest Sjælland – backed by Sparekassen Sjælland-Fyn and the energy and fiber network group Andel – will help Cobot Lift to take further market share and realize the company’s considerable growth potential. Cobot Lift is already in a positive scenario and about to move to larger premises in Slagelse in order to streamline and expand the production of the company’s unique robotic solutions.

“Cobot Lift” has developed a unique solution where they take the best of several technologies and offer a new robotic system that can both improve efficiency and, not least, make work with heavy lifts safer for the employees who have to work with or near the robots. The robots take care of the heavy lifting work and reduce the risk of work injuries, among other things. This improves the working environment, and we want to support this, just as we believe that Cobot Lift has great growth potential,” says Lars Petersson, CEO of Sparekassen Sjælland-Fyn.

Andel also sees Cobot Lift as an obvious investment and adds:

“Cobot Lift has found an effective way to improve working conditions for a vulnerable group of employees, and then the company has spotted a unique niche in the market, as the technology can fill the gap between manual lifts and actual industrial robots. So this is an attractive investment for Andel, which is continuously working to create growth and prosperity in Eastern Denmark” says Nicolai Zarganis, Chief Strategy Officer at Andel.

The benefits are many and the potential is great

The benefits of Cobot Lift’s unique robotic technology are many. Among other applications, the robotic handling systems can lift up to 50 kg and thus handle the vast majority of lifts that are currently done manually, including lifting sacks and soft items. At the same time, the solution typically takes up only a fifth of the space compared to traditional industrial robots and is up to 40% cheaper to purchase. Cobot Lift’s robotic solutions also do not require any special protection measures or enclosures, which also makes it easier for employees who work close to or with the robot.

In sum, the solutions are aimed at a wide range of companies, including in particular industrial companies where, loading and unloading of heavy units are part of the production, but also airports where thousands of Baggage and other cargo are handled every day. The potential is therefore also great and must be exploited:

“We at Cobot Lift are extremely pleased to receive capital from Impagt Invest Sjælland. We have successfully established a global distributor network and sales among all continents, and are now ready to further strengthen our market position. With the injected capital we can increase our production capacity, hire more salespeople and complete our product development within baggage handling. We therefore also see it as a huge advantage to have strong and experienced investors as we continue our growth journey and unlock Cobot Lift’s enormous potential,”says Henrik Elm Gulløv, CEO of Cobot Lift.

More about Cobot Lift's solution

Cobot Lift’s solution is a hybrid between two well-known and proven technologies: collaborative robotics and more traditional lifting technology, as known from conventional vacuum lifters, among others. Collaborative robotics is characterized by the fact that the robot – also called a "cobot" – is designed to interact with or near humans. A cobot, therefore, moves more slowly than traditional industrial robots and stops, for example, in contact with a human.

Pictured from left are Flemming Truelsen, CTO of Cobot Lift, and Henrik Elm Gulløv, CEO of Cobot Lift.

For further information, contact

Cobot Lift Holding
Henrik Elm Gulløv
Tlf. 2220 5365

Investerings- og udviklingsselskabet Spring Nordic (sekretariat for Impagt Invest Sjælland)
Tom Weidner
Investment Manager
Tlf. 29166797

Sparekassen Sjælland-Fyn
Marianne Salling
Tlf. 5948 2197

Morten Kidal
Tlf. 2170 3799

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