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With Cobot Lift, implementing automation
becomes an easy task, and the return of
investment is expected between 6 to 12
months. In all types of industries, we are
prepared to offer lifting solutions up to 45 kg.
Our solutions can help palletizing and
depalletizing operations, as well as pick and
place procedures.

More lifting with less effort

Our main differential is the fact we provide a
complete solution, base, robot, vision system,
software and gripping system. Within few
hours, the customer is ready to use our
application. Cobot Lift is also the only company
in the market enabling cobots to lift higher than
its maximal payload in a complete installation.
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Bringing Industry 4.0 through a compact solution

Protecting employees’ health and safety is also
one of our goals. This way, the workers can
concentrate in more meaningful jobs that lead
to well-being, avoiding ergonomic injuries and
focusing on creating new infrastructures
around the lines.

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