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Food & Beverage

In the Food and Beverage industry, the different machinery in the factory floors tend to use a lot of space, and the many different areas of production demand different layouts, making it practically impossible to standardize palletizing and depalletizing operations. Besides that, heavy-weight lifting is frequently executed by employees, exposing them to health and safety risks.

Bringing Industry 4.0 through a compact solution

Cobot Lift brings the solution to all demands in the Food and Beverage industry, with a dynamic and compact robotic solution designed to help your business save more space when implementing a robotics cell. Our solution utilizes an easy-to-use software that can be integrated in with third party components such as vision systems and conveyor belt sensors.

More lifting with less effort

Cobot Lift handles up to 100 different sacks with one single grip operation, increasing the efficiency and reducing the risk of accidents, while working side-by-side with your employees and prioritizing them for tasks that demand logical reasoning. Read more about our solutions

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