Collaborative Robot system handling up to 45 KG

What are you lifting?

Which is your industry?

Lack of ground handlers? Higher operation costs, and an immense amount of lost baggage?

Learn how the Aviation industry is adapting to new automatic baggage-handling systems worldwide with Cobot Lift solution.



The Baggage Load System That's Changing the Aviation Industry

For years, airports and airlines alike have been fighting the same battle,  how to deal with the increase numbers of travelers and their baggage while maintaining the high level of service they’re known for.


Avoid ergonomic injuries by letting Cobot Lift automate baggage handling, and reduce significantly the healthy and safety strain on baggage operators


With a small footprint, Cobot Lift system can be easily added to existing baggage hails, with no further need for major rebuilds or ERP changes, and also comfortable for operators to handle


Using muscles as opposed to the brain is a costly strategy for BHS. With Cobot Lift, you can reduce total employees costs with more efficient usage of the system and the employees themselves

Still have doubts why Cobot Lift Baggage Handling System would be good for you?

Let’s talk and discuss the advantages of an automated collaborative robot system versus baggage handling traditional automation.


Maintains its social responsibility while improving ergonomics for handlers.

Lower ground handling fees while improving its competitive edge on the market, equally retaining more routes


Ramp up operations with quick installations and avoid extra costs with rebuilding or building new infrastructure.

Cobot Lift automates and handles up to 85% of the baggage your ground handlers would lift instead meaning less costs for Airports.


Increase market reputation and maintain customers loyalty with a baggage handling system they will work.

Your customer will always choose your brand, in return have better baggage handling flow administration with the airport.

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We can solve traditional BHS challenges
Cobot Lift has created a complete automatic baggage-loading system to solve challenges involving Airports, Ground handling companies, and Airlines

The main core of our solution focus on;

  • Improving working conditions

  • Increase operators’ productivity

  • Save costs, lower OPEX

  • Maximize control within baggage flow while enabling new technologies
Avoid idle systems

Avoid rarely used installations and have more operators adapt to update  system

Compared to current systems in the market, the simplicity of our Baggage Handling operation will make people want to use it, therefore avoiding idle machines sitting in the corner accumulating dust and occupying large spaces. Inefficient and out-of-use traditional systems are complex and costly leading to acceptance by ground handlers.

Additional benefits

Increase baggage operator productivity by 300%.

We will be happy to speak with you, learn about current processes, and discuss a system bringing higher ROI

Let the Robot do the heavy lifting

Baggage operators manually handle 1.36 bags per minute and 5-20 tons in a working shift.

Hidden high costs on baggage operators’ salaries, e.g., sick, leave, pension, and staff equipment costs among others. 

Personal costs have a direct impact on ROI calculations, instead, Cobot Lift reduces with an efficient automated system that has been used by different airports

For case story details and ROI calculation, request it today;

Innovative Gripping Technology

Handle multiple baggage made from different materials

Our patented dynamic vacuum gripping technology enables our system to handle Soft cases, Hard cases, backpacks, Duffel bags, among others.

Check Cobot Lift System in action