Cobot Lift

Easy Pick & Place or Palletizing for Manufacturers of All Sizes

The Stationary Cobot Lift is like an exoskeleton for Cobots mounted on the floor. It boosts the Cobots payload from 10 to 30 kg.

Integrates the robot, controller, teach pendant, vacuum tube lift & pump and crane as a single mobile unit for maximum flexibility and quick installation.

Why choose Cobot Lift?

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Case studies

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Cobot Lift increase capacity and productivity in Dana Lim

With a weekly production of 200-250 tonnes of filler, it adds up to a lot of heavy lifting, when 15-25 kg of heavy bags with spray packs have to be packed on pallets before leaving Dana Lim’s production in Køge, Denmark. Previously, an older robotic cell handled the task alone, but due to increasing demand, more capacity for palletizing was needed. At the same time space was scarce.  
Cobot Lift was the perfect solution