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On the site you can find our accessories designed for different solutions. We provide access to a wide range of accessories to ensure full automation of your collaborative robots.

Cobot Lift Rotating Head

When attached to the Cobot Lift Tool this accessory will allow you to turn the product 360 degrees, so that the product’s label will always be facing outwards on the pallet.

Rotate items/products 360 degrees.
Additional 150mm reach.
Product handling up till 45kg.
Optimize cycle time.

Manual Tube Handler

If you want to use the UR10e for small tasks while still being able to use the vacuum lifter, this will allow for manual handling. Simply detach the Cobot Lift Tool at the vacuum tube, using the TAWI Quick connector set and attach the Manual tube handler.

Upper Part Of Quick Connector

Fast coupling – upper part. Enables manual changing of end effectors within couple seconds.

Bottom Part Of Quick Connector

Fast coupling –  bottom part. Enables manual changing of end effectors within couple seconds.

End Effectors - Bucket - Sack - Box

The circular suction foot is used for lifting buckets and barrels. Diameter 200 mm.

The oval suction foot is used for lifting sacks and long products.

The adjustable double feet suction foot is used for lifting boxes and square products.

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Long Stroked Vacuum tube

The Long stroked vacuum tube is 4 meters long. One would need also to purchase an extra 1-meter column to have the right combination.

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We offer two solutions for any kind of products you are lifting. Stationary Cobot Lift is like an exoskeleton for Cobots mounted on the floor. It boosts cobots’ payload from 10 to 45 kg and is ideal for a collaborative palletizing or pick & place tasks.
Mobile Cobot Lift integrates robot, controller, teach pendant, vacuum tube and pump and also crane in a single unit for maximum flexibility and mobility.

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