Cobot Lift

It is our pleasure to welcome our new official distributor Alumotion SRL in Italy

Alumotion SRL is an Italian company, which is specialized in the distribution of collaborative robots within Lombardy, Emilia-Romagna and Italian Switzerland areas. Since 2008, company has installed more than 800 collaborative robots’ units at small, medium and large-size companies. Today, Alumotion SRL is an official distributor of Universal Robots, Robotiq, Asyril, EasyRobotics, OnRobot, Pick-It, Airskin, Blue Botics ANT, Kinova, ArtMinds, FerRobotics, MK Group and other world-class robotics companies.

“With 800+ cobots installed, we are the experts in collaborative robotics, able to propose ready-to-use solutions and create other ad-hoc ones for Italian companies that want to grow and become more competitive”

Thank you for your professionalism and trust in Cobot Lift and we are looking forward to a mutually rewarding partnership with you.

For more information about Alumotion SRL, please visit their website