Cobot Lift

We proudly announce that Cobot Lift has been ranked as the Top Robotics Solution Providers – 2020 by CIO Applications Europe

CIO Applications Europe is a leading technology magazine, which has culminated into a leading media brand with a unique editorial focus on bringing to light core innovations in technology. CIO Applications Europe magazine serves as an excellent platform for the C-suite executives, industry experts, technology buyers and decision makers to share their extremely valuable insights about new technology trends on the global market.

Being recognized by CIO Applications Europe as the Best Robotics Solution Provider – 2020, which is revolutionizing the robotics landscape amidst global Covid-19 pandemic with compact heavy lifting solutions, we pay tribute to the heart, passion and drive we are dedicating to create a continuous innovation, rapid development and commercial success.

Stay tuned for the interview with Cobot Lift’s CEO and Co-founder Henrik Elm Gulløv in the 3rd annual edition of CIO Applications Europe technology magazine