Cobot Lift

We are more than happy to introduce you our new official distributor Norsk Cobot Senter in Norway

Norsk Cobot Senter is a Norwegian company, which is specialized in the distribution of collaborative robots. With multiple offices in Rogaland, Romsdal, Vestfold and More, today Norsk Cobot Senter brings together technology, knowledge and expertise to offer simple and safe automation for everyone. Currently, Norsk Cobot Senter is an official distributor of a global market leader Universal Robots and other world-class robotics companies like OnRobot, Youring, SMARTSHIFT Robotics and FlexiBowl.

“Our main task is to visit Norwegian production companies to tell you about what we can automate with cobots. Norsk Cobot Senter is leading the way in opening up the Norwegian way of thinking when it comes to automation”

Thank you for your professionalism and trust in Cobot Lift and we are looking forward to the continuous success of our strategic partnership.

For more information about Norsk Cobot Senter, please visit company’s website.