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Danfoss Drives achieves increased lifting power, greater range and additional flexibility with Cobot Lift’s muscles

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Innovation, product development and manufacturing are closely linked at Danfoss. New solutions and product optimization require a flexible production set-up that enables faster conversion and stable production. With frequent handling of heavier items, flexible automation with increased lifting power and longer range can be a crucial parameter that literally facilitates work in everyday life.

Danfoss Drives is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of frequency converters used to control the speed of electric motors. It is about improved process control, reduced energy consumption and converting energy from renewable energy sources so that the energy can be used in the existing electricity network. The collaboration between Danfoss Drives and Cobot Lift has resulted in a collaborative robots-based solution in 2020, which reduced the loads of frequent lifts and supported the goals of increased flexibility.

CobotLift at danfoss lifting 16kg


Automation of 16 kg Heavy Hills
In order to ensure uniform and high quality, all frequency converters are tested in connection with the assembly process at Danfoss Drives. The tests take place in so-called test trays, which are approximately 125 cm long, 50 cm wide aluminum boxes with an approximate weight of 16 kg each. The trays must be continuously lifted out of the machine, emptied and then stacked on trolleys after which they can be recycled. The repeated work is a manual and stressful for joints, backs and arms. Not least for ergonomic reasons, Danfoss Drives has decided to automate the manual handling of test trays.

“At Danfoss Drives, we are constantly working to expand the degree of automation by removing all non-value-creating activities and freeing up resources. At the same time, it is crucial that a flexible automation solution does not bind us in relation to our development opportunities” says Fatos Topalli, Danfoss Drive Production Engineer.


Space Considerations and Crucial Flexibility
Couple of years ago, Danfoss Drives had chosen to invest in a cobot with an associated vacuum gripper to handle a number of lifting tasks. That cobot solution had a maximum lifting capacity of 10 kg. Instead of investing in new equipment, Danfoss Drives has decided to upgrade the existing flexible automation equipment. It was about ensuring that a flexible automation solution was created, which makes it possible for Danfoss to handle even more tasks. Increased lifting capacity and longer reach were required. That was a task, which Cobot Lift has solved. Cobot Lift is used to helping a wide range of industrial companies in Denmark and abroad to streamline and automate lifting tasks.

“The flexible cobot solution was a good alternative to a more space-consuming conveyor belt solution. With a flexible automation solution, we avoid both irrelevant lifts. The investment has paid off in less than two years, and at the same time the benefits of automation are inspiring at company, and at the same time the solution helps to make our production and capacity utilization more future-proof” says Fatos Topalli, Danfoss Drive Production Engineer.


Cobot Lift Boosting The Sales International

How do you sell your collaborative robot with vacuum lift solution in a global pandemic stationed in Slagelse? It is done online as so much else. An investment in a professional setup for web presentation of the robot and the tools, a local invention which has boosted the sales international. Just in 3 months Cobot Lifts revenue has exceeded last year’s total sales revenue and there is potential for even more.

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