Cobot Lift

Business Focus Interview

We would like to thank Business Focus for the interview with one of our cofounders Henrik Elm Gulløv.

This interview provides among other things, insight into how we work during COVID-19 and updates about our business strategy.

Vacuum Power

Immediately it’s possible to see how a tool like this could have endless applications.

“We can successfully and safely lift 45 kilos, and it is difficult for people to understand how we can do that without endangering people, and how the robot will not be overloaded in this situation,” Gulløv says.

The advantages of Cobot Lift model are its power, but also its flexibility.”

Growth in a Time of COVID

Talking to Gulløv it’s clear he has grand ambitions for the company, but he’s having to realise those conditions under unusual constraints.

“First, how do we effectively grow our business in this corona-restrained world?” he asks. “We’re not able to travel so we now do live demonstrations remotely. We have almost a tv studio in our assembly hall. It can become a strength for us in that we don’t have a large organisation, we just have that video studio instead. Last week I was demonstrating to Chile and then to the Middle East. So we can grow, we can do business with good virtual support.”

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Cobot Lift Boosting The Sales International

How do you sell your collaborative robot with vacuum lift solution in a global pandemic stationed in Slagelse? It is done online as so much else. An investment in a professional setup for web presentation of the robot and the tools, a local invention which has boosted the sales international. Just in 3 months Cobot Lifts revenue has exceeded last year’s total sales revenue and there is potential for even more.

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