The Benefits of Automating with Lifting Robot

Cobot Lift is a danish company based in Slagelse that developed a lifting robot that can lift sacks, boxes, and suitcases of up to 45kg with vacuum and supported by a vision system. On a monthly basis, the robot costs the same as the salary of a temporary worker in one shift costs for four […]

Cobot Lift Helps Food Industry Solve Back Injuries and enable industrial automation with a camera guided depalletizing solution

Puratos is a multinational company that offers products for bakeries, patisserie, and chocolate sectors. The Challenges  Back injuries in the workplace cause one in five illnesses, and manual handling tasks are responsible for 80 percent of them, says the Bureau of Labor Statistics.  Puratos group decided to automate their production with Cobot Lift to protect their operators’ health.  […]