On the site you can find our accessories designed for different solutions. By combining CL+ solutions we now provide acces to a wide range of accessories to ensure full automation of your collaborative robots.

Rotate items/products 360 degrees. 
Additional 150mm reach. 
Product handling up til 45kg. 
Optimize cycle time.

Cobot Lift Rotating Head

Cobot Lift Booster Valve

The Booster valve allows for temporary increase in vaccum through the Cobot Lift Tool making it easier to grip the product with the suction cup. When the valve is opened, the Cobot Lift Tool will drop unto the product, keep this in mind when programming the unit. 

Manual Tube Handler

If you want to use the UR10e for small tasks while still being able to use the vaccum lifter, this will allow for manual handling. Simply detach the Cobot Lift Tool at the vaccum tube, using the TAWI Quick connector set and attach the Manual Tube Handler.

Cobot Lift Tool

Patented Cobot Lift tool includes software for Cobot enabling it to run collaboratively. This item does not include vuccum pump or cobot.

Quick Connector

Fast coupling – upper and lower part. Enables manual changing of end effectors within seconds.


End Effector Sack

Oval suction foot for sacks and bags 190x310mm.

End Effector Bucket

Circular suction foot for buckets, drums, kegs and bottles. Diameter 200mm.

End Effector Box

Adjustable double feet suction foot for cartons/cardboard boxes. Adjustable and hinged feet. 85x200mm (2x) Yoke 400mm.